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Beckett Ridge Golf Club's New Owner Talks Improvements & Additions

WEST CHESTER TWP. — The new owner of Beckett Ridge Golf Club plans to preserve the course and is considering a future new development on the prime spot of Butler County real estate.

The 158-acre golf course was purchased by John Gilbert, of West Chester Twp., this past May.

Gilbert is working to upgrade the grounds and facilities at the club, which was founded in 1975. He said the club had become worn down a bit under a previous owner who lives in Florida and owned about 10 other courses.
“I’d like to maintain the course … and then clean it up,” said Gilbert of the site, which was once private but has been a community course for at least the past seven years.

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Take On The Fabulous Fives At Beckett Ridge

Here are some great tips on how to play some of the great holes on our classic course, including our popular five par-5s

Our championship golf course was laid out in 1975 by famed architect Jack Kidwell, who designed and renovated more than 100 courses in Ohio as well creating courses in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky.

We have always been a top-ranked course in Southwest Ohio, known for our well-groomed fairways and greens. But we're also popular because we have five par-5s and five par-3s. 

In designing our 6,857-yard course, Kidwell made excellent use of the rolling terrain with some of the finest views that you can see for miles around. You'll find meandering streams and mature trees that provide deep green shade in summer and blazing reds and golds in the fall. Four sets of tees are available to challenge all levels of golfers and strategy will play an important role in your round.

At Beckett Ridge, how you place your drive is more important than mere length except for the 1st hole. No. 1 plays a daunting 570 yards uphill from the tips (461 yards from the back tees) but offers a generous landing area so you can get your round going in the right direction without fear of losing a ball.

The 2nd, a par-4 that plays at 386 yards from the back and 314 from the front, is much tighter and plays sharply uphill to a blind landing area that slopes left to right. Your tee shot is best played with a three-wood to the left hand side of the fairway where it will kick back down into the ideal position. Then use a mid iron to reach a picturesque green framed by bunkers on each side and large trees behind.

No. 3 is another picturesque tree-lined par-4 (357 yards from the back and 260 from the front) that also plays uphill and doglegs left. Off the tee, try a gentle draw from the right side so you can attack the pin with a short iron and go for a birdie.

One of our most popular holes is the 5th, a mid-length, downhill par-5 that plays shorter than its 541 yards from the back (462 from the front). Be cautious about the OB stakes on the sides and the slant of the fairway, which slopes from right to left. But you have a shot here of getting home in two.

 The 7th, a par-4 playing at 418 yards from the tips and 310 from the front, is one of the most scenic and best driving holes on the course. The fairway is framed by large trees on each side and rises uphill to a green guarded by three bunkers. Even if your tee shot threads the narrow fairway you are still left with a challenging mid iron in to the green.

Everyone loves the downhill No. 9, a par-4 that measures 412 yards from the back and 331 from the front. Players relaxing on the clubhouse patio up above this hole enjoy the chance to watch the action as golfers shoot for a large heavily bunkered green surrounded by luxuriant weeping willows.

The 10th sets up like an Old Master's landscape painting. It's a 205-yard par-3 across a large pond to a green cut into the gentle slope of the hillside backed by conifers. The raised tee provides a beautiful panoramic view of all the hole has to offer.

The first par-5 on our back nine is the 12th, a tricky driving hole (526 yards from the back and 489 from the front) but definitely a reachable hole if you hit well off the tee. This hole is a dogleg that narrows at the elbow. The fairway also slopes from right to left and a ball hit too far can easily end up OB. The perfect drive is a high fade that lands right of center, the perfect position to attack the green in two. Your second shot plays downhill and gives you your best birdie opportunity on the back nine. That's why No. 12 is every golfer's favorite.

Another gorgeous par-3 pops up at No. 13. The huge green lies some 50 feet below the tee boxes making the hole play shorter than its 195 yards from the back (148 from the front tees). But watch out for the stream in front of the putting surface.

The 14th is a classic risk reward par-5, easily reachable in with two good shots. But if you but mis-hit your drive to the left or hit your second shot short, your ball will find a watery grave. The 491-yard hole has water up the entire left side which turns right and cuts across the fairway in front of the green. The hole doglegs left inviting the bold player to hit his tee shot close to the lake to gain a shorter second shot. For the less adventurous player there is plenty of room right off the tee if you are planning to lay up your second shot short of the lake with an iron.

The 16th is a straight-forward par 3 that plays less than its 205 yards from the tips as it is down hill all the way. Guarded by traps left and right the front remains open should the player wish to run the ball into the green.

You'll end your round on a slight dogleg right par-4 (415 yards from the back and 323 from the front). This is one of the few holes at Beckett Ridge that is almost totally flat. Bunkers guard the right of the fairway and are not easily seen off the tee. A large tree is set halfway between the bunkers and the green, making the center or left side of the fairway the optimum place for your second shot.

In short you will find Beckett Ridge a fun yet challenging layout that presents the player with a nice mix of long, short, tight, open and strategic holes. You'll find Beckett Ridge a great place for making new and lasting friendships with others who share your passion for the game.

Distances from our four sets of tees: 6,867 yards, 6,489, 6,114, and 5,481.